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Use the following checklist before calling the office. These tests can help you determine why your phone isn't working properly:

  1. Check to see if all of your telephones are hung up.

  2. Perform a visual inspection of all exposed wiring and connections for damage or loose connections.

  3. When there is more than one outlet, check each instrument at each outlet to determine if proper operation can be obtained from any outlet. If proper operation is obtained from any outlet, the trouble has been isolated to an instrument or house wiring.

  4. In order to isolate jack or house wiring problems, simply move a working telephone to each outlet in the house to determine which location is causing the trouble.

  5. A test point device, called the (Network Interface Device) may have been installed where your telephone service wire comes into your premises. This test point allows you to isolate your wiring trouble from the telephone company's trouble.

If The Problem Is In Your Jack Or The Wire That Runs Through Your Home Or Office:

You have three options:            

  1. You can call us. If you subscribe to our optional WIRE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM, we will repair your OTC installed jack or inside wiring at no charge. If you don't subscribe, we will be happy to repair the problem, however, we will charge you a maintenance visit charge as well as labor and materials.

  2. You are welcome to hire an independent contractor or home repair expert to repair your jack or inside wiring.

  3. You can repair the problem yourself.


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