Ogden Telephone Home Rates

Local calling to Blissfield is to the 486 exchanges only and is capped at 2000 minutes of use per month and is intended for voice traffic only. Exceeding the 2000 minutes per month will result in charges of .045 cents per minute.

Lifeline Telephone Assistance Program - View for an application and more information about the program, which attempts to make telephone service more affordable for low-income households throughout Michigan.

Residential Telephone Service
Residential Rate $24.91 / month
FCC Line Charge $6.50 / month
Additional State Access Line Charge $.10 / month
E-911 Operational Charge $3.00 / month
E-911 Statewide Surcharge $.25 / month
E-911 Emergency $.50 / month
Deregulated Wire Maintenance Charge $1.00 / month
Total $36.26 / month before taxes