Telephone Support

Instructions for Voice Mail

Support Checklist CLICK HERE - (Before Service Call)
Use the checklist before calling the office.  These tests can help you determine why your phone isn't working properly.

Facts You Should Know About Purchasing Your Own Telephone - Click HERE

Troubleshooting Your Customer-Owned Equipment
Should you incur telephone trouble, try the following procedures before calling the telephone company.  This could save you a maintenance or service charge.

Ogden Telephone Company Can Repair:

• The outside lines and switching equipment we use to provide you with service, at no charge to you (unless damage is due to negligence on your part).
• We can also repair the wiring that runs inside your home or office. There is a charge for this service, unless you subscribe to our WIRE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM.

Ogden Telephone Company Cannot Repair:

Customer owned telephone equipment.