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LogoOgden Communications, Inc. (OCI) was officially formed on July 1, 2003 as the result of the reorganization of Ogden Telephone Company (OTC). The increasing changes in the telecommunications industry have prompted this action. OCI is a Holding Company for Ogden Telephone Company, Cass Cellular Partnership, Ogden Long Distance, Ogdentelnet, and the Great Lakes Comnet interest. OCI has 171 stockholders and 89,144 shares outstanding. The annual meeting of the Company is held the 4th Monday of June.

Ogden Long Distance Service, Inc. and Ogdentelnet, Inc. were formed in 2004. These two entities handle long distance resale and internet service. High speed internet has been added in 2005. Ogden Communications strives to bring state of the art telecommunication and data services to its rural customers at an affordable price.

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